Credit Risk Fundamentals

This is an introductory guide to understanding the fundamentals of credit risk.


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4 videos • 43 minutes

  • Credit Analysis - Part I

    Credit analysis is the process of determining whether a counterparty will honour its obligations in a transaction. It involves balancing what is gained if they meet their obligation against how much is lost if they do not. To make these assessments, there are a plethora of factors to be taken into account. In this first video of the series, Nick specifically covers three accounts - The Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss and Cashflow - as factors of a credit analysis.  

    Nick Beeson08:39

  • Credit Analysis - Part II

    In this second video of the series, Nick expands on the previous video by exploring how the accounts - the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss and Cashflow - interlink and how transactions ripple through these three accounts.

    Nick Beeson11:52

  • Credit Analysis - Part III

    In the final video of the series on credit analysis, the example from the previous videos carries over. Nick explains the working capital cycle and how its funding can cause problems.  

    Nick Beeson11:39

  • Corporate Credit Approval Process

    In this video, Iain explains the structure and key content of a credit proposal, and how corporate credit information should be presented in an approval process.

    Iain Hoggarth11:29